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U.S. citizens traveling to Canada
Driving instructions from your house to Chapleau

To re-enter the United States by land, every adult U.S. citizens needs one of the documents below.

a Passport
or a Passport-Card
or an Enhanced Driver License

For rules for children please click on this link.

You can get the application form for a Passport at many post offices, clerks of court, public libraries and other state, county, township, and municipal offices. Click here to look up your nearest location

Read here about the U.S. Passport Card

Ask the people who issued your driver licence about the enhanced driver licence. The enhanced driver licence is available in some U.S. States but not in all.

If your passport has not arrived in time for your trip, you can take along your copy of your passport application and two pieces of I.D. (e.g. driver's license and birth certificate). That will suffice to get you through the border.

If you had a DWI charge
Please have a look at this page for more information about crossing into Canada with a DWI charge.

Residents of the USA can operate a boat in Canada for 45 days without a boater's license

You can bring into Canada two weeks worth of food.

If you plan to bring night crawlers (dew worms) make sure that they are packed in artificial bedding, not in natural earth.

Click on this link to see what you can bring in the way of alcohol and tobacco.


Be sure to call the banks who issued your credit cards and advise them that you will be going to Canada. Most banks now decline the transactions if a card is suddenly used outside the U.S.A. without notice from the owner.

Use your Credit Card or Canadian currency instead of U.S. currency when you make purchases in Chapleau stores or stop for gasoline, meals or anything else along the road. That way you cannot be victimized by business people who do not adhere to the correct exchange rate.

Here is a link that will tell you the correct exchange rate. Look at the topmost line.

If you want Canadian cash you can get it from one of the two downtown ATMs. One ATM is in the lobby of the Royal Bank. The other is at the Credit Union, directly across the street from the bank. That is at the main intersection in the centre of Chapleau.

The bank's address is:
33 Birch St
Chapleau, ON, P0M 1K0
Phone: (705) 864-0570
transit #: 862